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useAIble CEO to Host Workshop at Deep Learning and AI Assistant Summit in San Francisco this January 25 & 26.

At this 2018’s Deep Learning Summit and AI Assistant Summit in San Francisco on January 25 & 26 useAIble will be one of many presenters. Rix Ryskamp (CEO and Founder of useAIble) will be running a workshop called ‘Getting ROI from ML – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.’ In this workshop he will examine how to match machine learning capacities with your business or organization to ensure ROI.

You can view the entire agenda here.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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AI Expert Panel selects useAIble for Best Innovation in Deep Learning

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — useAIble, a Utah-based machine learning startup, has won The AIconics Award for Best Innovation in Deep Learning.

The semi-annual award was presented Sept. 27 as part of The AI Summit in San Francisco. Business leaders, market innovators and engineers in cutting-edge machine learning technologies were in attendance.

The AIconics are the world’s only independently judged awards celebrating Artificial Intelligence for Business. The Deep Learning award recognized “exponential development of applications for real world businesses in analyzing data across image, text, and sound.”

useAIble competed against more than 300 entries from across the globe, and was one of only five finalists.

“We are honored to be recognized by the expert panel,” said useAIble CEO and founder, Rix Ryskamp. “We’re excited that our focus on unsupervised learning and complex optimization problems is gaining traction and visibility in the industry. Since my company’s passion is for applied technology — technology at work in the business world — this acknowledgement of innovation for business is especially meaningful.”

useAIble’s RySkamp Learning Machine (RLM) does not have a “black box” problem like traditional machine learning approaches, Ryskamp explained. The Total RecallTM capability stores all results and key learning events from the RLM, providing full transparency.

“The Learning Visualizer allows users to review and refer to key learning events and understand exactly why decisions were made,” Ryskamp added. “In addition, useAIble is easy to use. A person with a basic computer science degree can configure and deploy our system quickly.”

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Episode #4 – Building machine learning into…a race car!

Before we return to head-to-head challenges, we introduce you to one of our long term projects – putting AI smarts into a Shelby Cobra! We’re devoted to taking machine learning into the real world, and goosing up the zoom zoom and vroom vroom with artificial intelligence (and the internet of things) is in our wheelhouse!


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Episode #3 – Plan-o-Gram Retail Shelf Optimization Tool

We’re taking a break from head-to-head challenges to show off a machine learning tool we built for a client that optimizes the productivity of their retail shelves. The retail industry operates on slim margins…every penny counts! useAIble harnesses artificial intelligence to provide guidance to maximize performance on the metrics that matter most.

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Episode #2 – The Maze Challenge

For our second challenge we wanted a harder machine learning challenge – a non-linear problem. Once again we’re stacked up against Google TensorFlow. We also talk about the difference between linear and non-linear problems in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Non-linear problems aren’t too easy for traditional AI, and we give you some insight on why useAIble’s Ryskamp Neural Network is different. To try the Maze Machine Learning Challenge, click here

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Episode #1 – Lunar Lander Challenge

Join the useAIble team while we start our Machine Learning challenges by pitting useAIble’s patent pending Ryskamp Neural Network against Google TensorFlow machine learning engine. We also talk about what drives innovation in AI and technology in general. To try the Lunar Lander challenge yourself, click here