Machine Learning Challenge

We’ve created a variety of machine learning challenges and set them up for you to directly interact with them.
You have access to all the neural network settings available for that engine. We’ve got an easy to use UI so you can modify settings.

All our challenges adhere to these 5 rules:

  1. One neural network only (not a series of interconnected networks).
  2. Any settings for neural network features may be used
  3. No pre or post-processing with traditional logic-based programming.
  4. All neural networks receive the same inputs and outputs.
  5. All neural networks use the same training methodology (supervised or unsupervised) and data for the challenge.

All machine learning challenges are highlighted in useAIble’s blog, “Running with Scissors.” As a starting point and for transparency, all settings used in the blog videos are available on the individual challenge pages.

Select a challenge below: