useAIble Announces Appointment of Jeff Horton as Executive Vice President, Technology

Veteran Intel® software development leader to head technology evangelism for game-changing Artificial Intelligence innovator.

MAPLETON, UTAH, February 21, 2017 – useAIble, a disruptive technology company that has reimagined neural networks, today announced the appointment of Jeff Horton as executive vice president of technology. In this role, Horton will leverage extensive background in software development, technology evaluation, and performance optimization to lead the company’s technology evangelism efforts.

“With the growing interest in the useAIble machine learning engine, we needed to expand our executive team with someone having Jeff’s experience,” said Rix Ryskamp, CEO and inventor of the patent-pending Ryskamp Neural Network. “Jeff’s extensive experience with Intel in software development and training will help us take useAIble to the next level.”

Jeff has been involved in and at the forefront of software development and technical innovation for over two decades. His passion for recognizing and embracing new industry developments has lead him through object oriented programming, internet and mobile technologies, digital photography, depth perception and a myriad of others. He has held positions ranging from software developer, performance optimization engineer to team lead, development manager and ISV segment owner, with a particular interest in technical evangelism and developer training. His current focus and dedication is to the revolution of AI, Deep Learning and reimagining the Neural Network.

“useAIble is a dream opportunity for me,” said Horton. “The company is poised to become the most disruptive innovation in machine learning since it was invented a half century ago. useAIble takes advantage of modern database structure and data storage. I’m excited about the opportunity to help companies understand and embrace our technology.”

Artificial Intelligence Engine from useAIble Outperforms  Machine Learning Leaders

Company reveals notable innovation in AI with video blog series and interactive machine learning challenge website

MAPLETON, UTAH, January 19, 2017 – useAIble , a disruptive technology company that has reimagined neural networks, has proven it can achieve machine learning objectives in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.  Beginning today, anyone can watch video demonstrations and conduct their own evaluation of the useAIble machine learning engine versus state-of-the-art machine learning engines like TensorFlow™ and Encog.  More engines for comparison, including from Salesforce, are soon to follow.

The company’s patent-pending Ryskamp Neural Network and SmartNeurons™ diverge significantly from current machine learning methodologies to create compact, elegant, efficient neural networks.  Most artificial intelligence platforms, whether experimental, free, or paid, require machine learning and data science experts to operate them. useAIble has developed a way to minimize those requirements, making machine learning faster, easier and more accessible.  

“We are excited to share our results with the world,” said inventor and artificial intelligence visionary, Rix Ryskamp. “Our technology is genuinely unique and will revolutionize machine learning.”

The video blog series named “Running with Scissors”, showcases the game-changing approach to neural networks in a format that represents the company’s culture of taking risks, working hard, and maintaining a sense of humor.  The series is available on the company’s website at  

For those interested in experiencing the machine learning revolution first-hand, the company has also invested in a machine learning challenge website.  Anyone can conduct their own evaluations pitting useAIble  against other machine learning engines.  Visit to access the interactive site.  Supporting code and other materials are available on GitHub.  

“We’ve proven that useAIble can generate machine learning results in less time with less effort than any modern-day machine learning engine.” Added Ryskamp.  “See for yourself.”

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About useAIble
useAIble is a disruptive technology company that has reimagined neural networks. The company’s patent-pending Ryskamp Neural Network and SmartNeuronsTM diverge significantly from current machine learning methodologies to create compact, elegant, efficient neural networks.  Founded in 2012, the company is dedicated to making artificial intelligence useable for any business.  Learn more at