What is useAIble?

What is useAIble?

useAIble is a disruptive technology company that has reimagined neural networks.

Rix Ryskamp

From Revelation to Revolution


In 2012, inventor and artificial intelligence visionary, Rix Ryskamp, began researching methodologies and approaches to machine learning.

He realized that recent machine learning advances were mostly incremental improvements to the paradigms originating in the 1960’s. By 2014, he had invented a thoroughly modern approach to neural networks and founded useAIble.

His patent-pending Ryskamp Neural Network and its SmartNeurons™ generate better decisions in less time with less effort than other neural networks. In other words, Rix created a machine learning revolution.

From Revolution to Validation


By 2015, useAIble had an operational machine learning platform and clients.
In 2016, useAIble completed a machine learning-powered retail space planning application. That client project helped the useAIble team add further enhancements to their neural network technology.
Innovation is about taking risks – it was time to see if SmartNeurons™ could outperform machine learning leaders. The Machine Learning Challenge was born.

Lunar Lander

based on the famous Atari game, this is a classic early-stage machine learning training game.


a standard “one entry, one exit” maze that is a more difficult machine learning contest than Lunar Lander.

Logistics Simulation

a classic supply-chain simulation based on the famous “Beer Game” created at the MIT Sloan Business School.

See for yourself how the useAIble engine performs head to head against state-of- the-art machine learning engines like TensorFlow and EnCog. More machine learning engines will be available soon.

useAIble has all these interactive challenges available at